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If you are looking for an awesome chick who is a whole lot of fun and down for whatever you found me! Being foot loose and fancy free, I do no see any problem with lifelong celibacy.

I am happy with myself, good at being alone, and grateful for everything in my life. Please bear with my logorrhea:-p I am an only child from a family that places paramountcy on intellectual advancement.

I didn't really see myself parenting a young child at this point in my life, but fate has a way of bringing things in to your life that challenge you and make you grow. Graduate school, studying abroad alone, being bookish and cynical all contribute to the implausible statement of "zero dating experience." Yes, I never had a BF or GF nor do I consider it odd.

I wouldn't change having my son in my life for anything. I know what passion is; vicarious feelings of it happened to me occasionally as I went through celebrity crushes (Dame Helen Mirren, Catherine Deneuve, Yoshinaga Sayuri, Margherita Buy, Jacqueline Bisset, Susan Sarandon, Mireille Perrier...); they are safe and drama free.

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