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Your anus or anal canal is found at the end of your large bowel, which opens to the outside of your body.When you pass a bowel motion, stools pass through your anus.Anal cancer occurs when cells in the anal canal change and start to grow abnormally. There were 41 cases of anal cancer diagnosed in Ireland in 2009.They can eventually form a large mass of cells called a is not treated, it can affect how your anus works normally. For booklets and factsheets, including information about cancer types, treatments, side-effects, emotional effects, financial information and more. Call our Cancer Nurseline freefone 1 800 200 700 Confidential advice, support and information Mon-Fri 10 am - 4 pm Email us Chat with our cancer nurses or other people living with cancer in our online community.More than a few girls have exciting new toys that are completely interactive.They allow you to control them over the internet so you can make her butt buzz with a vibe inside even if you are thousands of miles away. Join Online Chat Girls and Boys from all over the world!

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The anus (back passage) is the 4cm long end portion of the large bowel, which opens to allow solid waste to exit the body.

Abnormal changes of the anus are sometimes harmless in their early stages, but may go on to develop into cancer.

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It is slightly more common in women than in men, with a male:female ratio of cases of 1:2.

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