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showrunner Bryan Fuller first saw a cut of the epic gay-sex scene in Sunday’s episode, he didn’t mince words.

But sex slavery in the US is a very real threat for many women in the US.

In Gaiman’s recollection, it had been a bit of a challenge. The result was brief but vivid: “It is an hour or more before the ifrit comes, thrusting and grinding into Salim’s mouth. The jinn’s semen tastes strange, fiery, and it burns Salim’s throat.” Those sentences left a searing impact on Fuller — a gay man — and co-showrunner Michael Green.

“When Michael and I first sat down and started talking about the adaptation, our first conversation was ‘Okay, without reading the book again, what are the things that you remember that stood out to you?

He started by going to Moonlite Bunny Ranch, which was made famous by HBO’s Cathouse series.

When he first asked about photographing, the women didn’t believe him, thinking that he was just a nervous customer. In Elko, he had his first luck at a ‘parlor brothel’.

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