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18% identified as ‘monogamish’; 6% as non-monogamous; 76% monogamous.

This suggests two trends: A trend away from non-monogamy, toward monogamy – previous research reports an average of 50% of gay male couples as non-monogamous.

Whereas the elder generation may struggle more due to prejudices growing up.

Perhaps younger gay men find it easier to come out, and therefore meet someone and start relationships the traditional way, from puberty.

A study entitled “Choices: Perspectives of Younger Gay Men on Monogamy, Non-monogamy and Marriage,” was posted on Queerty has showed that 90% of the gay men surveyed were seeking monogamy.

A similar study done by Northwestern University in 2013 showed much the same thing.

” Adds Morrow, “As two men, sex isn’t particularly emotional for either of us.An article in OUT quoted Adam Isaiah Green, who studies gay male relationships at the University of Toronto.“No longer society’s default sexual outlaws, they’re presented with institutional opportunities to create intimate lives that are not too different from their heterosexual counterparts. These factors don’t in and of themselves equate with monogamous practices, but they’re probably correlated.Mikey Rox and Everett Earl Morrow, both now 30, were committed to monogamy when they met and fell in love. “After a couple instances of infidelity to which we both confessed, we decided it’s not realistic to expect either of us to never hook up with anyone else ever again,” says Rox, principal of Paper Rox Scissors Copy and Creative in Manhattan.The legally married couple has had an open relationship for the last two years.

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“I would feel comfortable saying that at least four out of five long-term gay male couples are not monogamous,” says Beverly Hills sexologist Winston Wilde.

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