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I became enthralled by the history of this 100 year old trunk and set out to find as much as I could about it.Not only did I find out that I was the proud owner of Emily Vanderbilt’s trunk I also instantly became a passionate collector.If you're not experienced in Louis Vuitton, but you want to buy one for a good deal, then purchasing from a REPUTABLE consignment shop is the best choice.Many resale establishments posing as legitimate companies have popped up seemingly overnight.Authenticating Louis Vuittton is a valuable skill to have and one I have been fortunate enough to become, dare I say an expert at.Before I had kids studying Louis Vuitton was a hobby of mine.The “LV” symbol on a Monogram Canvas Speedy or Keepall bag will always have one side upside down.

I can’t tell you the number of sellers who are either knowingly selling a Japanese Super Fake knock-off or are completely in denial about the authenticity of their bag.The most knocked off Louis Vuitton handbags are bags with Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene, or Vernis materials.Here are some tips on authenticating LV bags that involve these materials.Founded by the French luggage craftsman Louis Vuitton in 1854, the Louis Vuitton company first revolutionized travel gear by popularizing the flat-bottomed canvas trunk, which French aristocrats and consumers soon preferred above all other models.In 1896, Vuitton’s son Georges invented the signature “LV” monogram, along with the diamond, flower and circle patterns that distinguish the brand today.

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